Scientific Prototyping

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The Scientific Prototyping Laboratory is responsible for creating the prototypes needed by researchers to carry out scientific experiments.

To cope with the multidisciplinarity necessary for the needs of the various research fields, the laboratory makes use not only of its own staff but also of the professionalism of technicians and researchers from various departments of the University of Pavia.

For its activities, the service has at its disposal the electronics laboratory and the mechanical workshop of the Large Instrument Center and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics section Pavia.


The electronics laboratories have the skills and equipment necessary to lead projects from conception to implementation. Fundamental milestones are the execution of simulations, the drafting of electrical diagrams, the development of layout with electronic CAD, the processing of PCBs with numerical control cutter and the finalization with wiring and inclusion in the mechanics. Among the numerous instruments, the most important are soldering and desoldering stations, bench power supplies, signal generators, oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers.


In the workshops, components, equipment and mechanical structures are designed and built. This is possible thanks to the skills gained over the years and the collaboration with the INFN technicians section Pavia. Key milestones for the creation of prototypes are the discussion of ideas, the design with CAD software, the construction of the same with machine tool processing, assembly and final bench adjustment. The machine park consists of traditional and CNC milling machines, lathes, column drills, band saws, sandblasting machines and a MIG and TIG welding station. A 3D design and printing service is also available with latest generation machines.


The programming service deals with writing the firmware and software necessary for the operation of microcontrollers and control cards.


Research laboratories often need to repair complex instrumentation for which the manufacturer no longer provides assistance, to do this it is necessary to build from scratch or repair parts of it. This allows savings and, at times, the use of functions no longer available in new tools. The multidisciplinary know-how of the laboratory also allows us to provide technical advice in the design and adaptation of systems or for the purchase of equipment. The service is also able to repair and restart many vacuum equipment and pumps. Given the significant workload in this sector, the setting up of a room reserved exclusively for maintenance is underway.


The staff of the University of Pavia can access:

Training for the routine maintenance of vacuum pumps, cryogenic and compressed gas systems
Training for the creation of websites
Training for the configuration of workstations and implementation of entry level servers

In collaboration with some teachers, we intend to prepare prototypes of IT tools that allow to combine mnemonic techniques, quick reading techniques and creative-pedagogical techniques to facilitate the creation of teaching 4.0 presentations with “user-friendly” interfaces, which can also be used to produce content. by non-IT experts. Particular attention will be paid to the usability by disabled users.


Two server prototypes with open source software were implemented with a videoconferencing environment that can be booked by all the staff of the University of Pavia and an environment with an advanced calendar that can be used by all departments to manage classroom reservations.