Barbara Mannucci
tel. 0382987532  barbara.mannucci@unipv.it

The laboratory has no dedicated technical operators and the users directly carry out the experiments.
The use of the instruments is reserved for accredited users, considered experts in the use of the equipment, therefore responsible for their management. Accredited users are identified among the research groups that have acquired experience with regard to scientific and technical problems relating to analytical methodologies and their registration is subject to the opinion of the governing and technical bodies of the Great Instruments Center. Accredited users are able to instruct the routine use of their collaborators’ tools, which under the responsibility of the accredited user can autonomously use the devices, subject to prior registration.

 JASCO J1500 spectropolarimeter allows the acquisition of circular dichroism spectra in the wavelength range 163-950 nm and with spectral band 0.01-16 nm, the single cell holder is thermostatically controlled with Peltier effect The temperature is controlled by a Peltier system (temperature range from -40 to 130 ° C). It is equipped with Spectra Manager II software for the acquisition and processing of data. The tool allows the analysis of the structural properties of biomolecules and optically active compounds as well as the determination of the secondary structure of proteins and conformational variations.

PERKIN ELMER LS50B spectrofluorimeter for static and dynamic fluorescence measurements.